Nexus Black Friday Deals

Nexus "X"

Don’t think I’ve ever seen this before… At least three Nexus devices are being heavily discounted for Black Friday—and two of those deals are available right on Google’s own online store.

The bad news that is there’s barely any love for Canada. Sure, we had our Thanksgiving over a month ago, but our consumer-driven culture has been honouring Black Friday for as long as anyone else!

Nexus 5X

In the United States, the two variants of the 5X are on sale at the same launch price as the 2013 Nexus 5:

Nexus 5X 16 GB – $249 USD
Nexus 5X 32 GB – $349 USD

Obviously, you’ll want the 32 GB version.

Nexus 6

Right now on you can get a 64 GB 2014 Moto Nexus 6 for the unbelievably low price of $260 USD. The 32 GB model is even cheaper:

Nexus 6 32 GB – $199.99 USD
Nexus 6 64 GB – $259.99 USD

Follow this XDA guide to disable full disk encryption and you’ll be left with a device that compares very well to this year’s Nexuses—so long as you can handle the extra girth.

Nexus 9 Tablet

Finally, something for Canada. This late 2014 tablet holds a unique place in Nexus history: it was the first-ever 64-bit Nexus device. Though I’ve never written about it here I do own and enjoy one—and now you can too!


Nexus 9 16 GB – $199 USD
Nexus 9 32 GB – $279 USD


Nexus 9 16 GB – $229.99 CAD
Nexus 9 32 GB – $329.99 CAD

Note that the Canadian Google Store is currently showing no available stock. Boo…

There are some other items on sale, including a Chromecast bundle, smartwatches and Nexus accessories. If you pick something up, let us know!

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