Yet Another GSM Phone for Seniors – The Jethro ARCCI

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Last night Howard and I went to a gala dinner event celebrating the launch of a new senior-friendly cell phone, The Jethro SC051 “ARCCI”. After a hearty blue plate special the tables were cleared, and just before 5pm Jethro, the CEO of Jethro, took his place at the podium.

“Are you ready for the next chapter in mobile innovation?” he teased.

The audience answered back: “Speak louder, we can’t hear you!”

Ok, none of this actually happened. But I did get my mom a new cell phone this week.

Her beloved Snapfon came to an untimely end when it was forgotten in a housecoat pocket and did a cycle in the washing machine. Had I been present at the time I would have immediately pulled the battery and submerged both it and the phone in a bag of rice. Sadly, I was not.

A replacement Snapfon on Amazon is surprisingly expensive and, if we’re being honest here, what dear old mom really wants is a network-connected clock. The cellular connectivity is just peace of mind for me, in case the phone lines near her house go down during a winter storm, as they did a couple of years back.

I had previously purchased another Jethro for the girlfriend’s mom. This one, the ARCCI (?), was even cheaper. Upon cracking open the box I quickly found out why:

Ew, it's a refurb...

It’s a refurb. The listing on Amazon Canada says nothing about this; I had to visit the manufacturer’s site to verify. And I can only hope that mom doesn’t notice the frantic fingernail marks around the SOS button. A bit morbid, that.

Dat screen tho.

Still, it’s got a nice big screen displaying both the time and date (which I’ve since updated). If I could find a cheap carrier plan that included daily weather alerts I think I’d be just about the best son ever.

The Jethro ARRCI is available in red for $19.99 USD from, and in brown for $39.99 CAD from—both should work on any 1 or 2G GSM network in Canada or the USA.

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