And Just Like That, I’m in Love with the Nexus 5X

Nexus 5X

I attended a ZTE launch yesterday with Howard. It was informative, at times surprising, ultimately even life-changing. What exactly did ZTE launch yesterday? No idea—I was too busy marvelling at Howard’s Nexus 5X.

Nope, not 6P, 5X.

Sure, next to the AMOLED 6P the 5X’s LCD display looks a bit washed out. There’s no question that the Huawei is more powerful, with storage options that begin where the LG’s options end. And yet none of this seems to matter when I hold the 5X.

In other words, its size is perfect.

Someone, somewhere said of the 5X that using it doesn’t engender an emotional response. That person—any many others, myself included—have forgotten the joy of being able to effectively use a mobile device with one hand. In my mind this is absolutely the 5X’s killer feature; it’s not about nostalgia for the old Nexus 5, it’s all about utility.

The trade-offs for this utility are few. Unlike the old Nexus 5 the LTE bands I need for travel are supported on the 5X. And, astonishingly, the 5X has the exact same camera sensor as the larger 6P. Throw in the fingerprint reader (which you can use to authenticate purchases on the Play Store) and I’m pretty much sold.

With these must-have features I’m not so worried about the performance hit. In fact, I’d rather be surprised and delighted at what a cheaper phone can do rather than find fault with a premium device that’s supposed to be perfect. There’s also the matter of price. My definition of progress sees electronics getting cheaper, not just better. I’m still not comfortable paying more than $500 for a smartphone.

Howard calls the 5X’s design “generic”; I think of it as “clean”. If I buy one it will almost certainly go in a TPU case anyway, so the device’s plastic construction is a non-issue for me. In fact, there’s actually a benefit here: the 5X is significantly lighter than the 6P, again increasing its utility.

Far be it from me to talk anyone out of the Huawei Nexus; I’m just talking myself into its little brother, is all… :mrgreen:


  1. Thanks for this review. I’ve been leaning toward the N5x because of its size and you have helped clarify some things.I’m with you on paying big bucks for a phone.

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