It Never Hurts to Wait a Bit for That New Electronics Purchase

Nexus 6P Fail

I’ve learned this lesson the hard way from a previous life as an Apple fanboy, being among the very first to purchase new computers and/or laptops only to find them plagued with early production issues—like FireWire ports that didn’t work or fried logic boards out of the box.

This was back in the early 2000s, mind you. But cut to late 2015 and it seems there are a few hiccups with Google’s new line of Nexus phones. This isn’t meant to scare anyone who’s already pulled the trigger on a new 5X or 6P; it’s more to comfort those who haven’t.

6P Fail Detail

The 6P that Android Police received for review had an unlocked bootloader out of the box, with this ominous warning on boot. A visit to that link yields the following explanation:

The operating system on your device has been changed or corrupted and is not safe to use. The device may not work properly and could expose your data to corruption and security risks. […]

If you modified the operating system on purpose, you can continue to use your device. However, you acknowledge that your device may not work properly and your data could be exposed to corruption and security risks.

I really, really hope that this isn’t what I’m going to see on every boot when I install a custom ROM…

Nexus 5X Fail

The Nexus 5X received by Android Central was in even worse shape, crashing and rebooting into this screen every time it was plugged into the supplied charging brick. You can read more about the issue on the AC Forums; this unit was eventually replaced with a new one from Google.

Granted, in both cases these were early review units and not retail ones. Speaking of cases…

5X Case Fail

Apparently some third-party Nexus cases are interfering with core functions of the devices they’re supposed to protect. A bunch of cases available on Amazon apparently block the laser autofocus on the 6P, and the 5X Spigen case pictured above blocks the mic that you need for phone calls.

This will all work itself out in short order, I’m sure. If you’re experiencing any issues with your new Nexus device (or accessory), be sure to let us know…

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