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It’s Nexus season in Canada. 😎

Today I’m tagging along with Howard to yet another event space in downtown Toronto—this time, for a thing sponsored by the makers of the new Huawei Nexus 6P. In other words… Huawei.

The Canadian launch of this high-end pure Android flagship has been delayed until November 2nd, but if early reviews are any indicator it will be entirely worth waiting for. Even iVerge loves it, and they hate Android.

Here’s their YouTube review:

There’s also a good chance that the new Huawei Watch will be on-hand (boo) for the proceedings. In my mind it has easily stolen the crown of most attractive Android Wear device from Moto 360, for the simple reason that there’s no flat tire at the bottom of the display. Speaking of displays, the one on the Huawei Watch is sapphire crystal AMOLED. Not too shabby.

Here’s Pocketnow on the Huawei Watch:

I’m not 100% sure how today is going to go down, but if there’s any opportunity for me hit Huawei with the hard questions I promise to do just that. As always, queries specific to the US market—Band 12 support, for example—will most likely go unanswered. Blame Canada. 😛

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