Some Mobile Apps to Help You Participate in Today’s Federal Election

Voters who didn't vote...

It’s Election Day in Canada, and our official endorsement for Prime Minister is…

No no no no no, there’ll be none of that today. Just some mobile-friendly means to help you get out to your local polling station and exercise your democratic right to vote. Why? Because this image, that’s why.

If you haven’t been following any election campaigns you can still get a quick primer on the parties and their policies via an app called Pollenize, available for both Android and iOS. To see how you align with the federal parties on specific issues use the CBC Voter Compass, which asks you 30 questions (and collects additional statistical data) then shows you where you fit on the political spectrum. There is no app for that, unfortunately, but the Voter Compass website is optimized for phones and tablets.

Another benefit of the Voter Compass is that it will spit out the name of your riding when you input your postal code—which you can then use to find your local candidates on your Facebook and/or Twitter app of choice. And thanks to Rogers TV you can even load up an hour-long YouTube debate of your local candidates in Toronto, Ottawa, New Brunswick and more.

Finally, if you’ve not yet had the pleasure of using Uber, that service is offering new users a free ride to and from their local polling station. So what are you waiting for? Get out and vote!

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