#ChipGate is Real (but only for benchmarking)

Apple A9 Chips

It looks like iPhone 6s and 6s Plus owners have a bit of a surprise lurking beneath their screens. Apple’s new A9 chip, one of the most important components in these new devices, have been sourced from two different manufacturers—Samsung and the Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC). Depending on which chip you have, your phone’s battery life may be affected by up to 30%.

The good news is that you’ll only see this disparity if you’re running the Geekbench benchmarking app. Real-world differences are negligible.

To find out which chip you have you can download and run a utility called Lirium Device Info. Model numbers for the different chips are as follows:

iPhone 6s:
N71AP – Samsung

iPhone 6s Plus:
N66AP – Samsung
N766mAP – TSMC

For more on chipgate check out this MKBHD video, along with the links below:

Additional sources: Ars Technica, Cult of Mac

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