That Time I Went to Finland for Canadian Thanksgiving

Nokia House

Today, in other words…

It’s a pilgrimage I should have made a long time ago, but the honest truth is that it’s not really a pilgrimage at all. The famous Nokia House in Espoo is no more; after Nokia sold their handset business to Microsoft the building was eventually renamed Microsoft Talo—and what Nokian in their right mind would want a souvenir photo with a big-ass Microsoft logo on it?

No, the only news here is yet another vacation for yours truly. I hope to be back to my regular posting schedule on Wednesday, October 14th.

When I get back my first post will likely be about prepaid SIMs in Finland which, from my research, seem both cheap and plentiful. As a further public service for anyone visiting this Nordic haven of high tech, or for connected travellers in general, here are a few more tidbits that might be of some use.

Finnair App

This is the official Finnair app for Android, which will generate a fancy mobile barcode when it’s time to board. But it only works if you’re enrolled in their loyalty program. Since I’m currently beholden to Cathay Pacific, nurts to this.

World Timer Watchface

I also found this fancy multi-time zone watchface for Android Wear (it looks much better on circular displays). You can add your destination of choice to the list of cities dotting the outer ring. And in case you were wondering that’s not the moon phase left of the globe and below the hands; it’s the battery level on your watch.

Back on the 14th… Happy Canadian Thanksgiving to all!

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