Hands On with the New Nexuses

Nexus 6P (with bonus hands)

The tech press were all over yesterday’s Google event in San Francisco, and with good reason—for fans of pure Android and unlockable bootloaders alike, a new Nexus is a big deal. For 2015 Huawei has been tasked with producing an all-aluminum phablet, while LG returns to recapture some of it’s former glory as a Nexus OEM.

Today I’ve hand-picked a sextet of hands-on videos featuring the new Nexus 5X and 6P. Enjoy!


Ignore the Pixel C—it’s not a Nexus! 😛

Android Authority:

Next to the gargantuan Moto N6 the Huawei Nexus looks downright svelte.

Not so for the N5 vs. the new N5X, though.


To answer the question: “How do the new Nexuses look side by side?”

Droid Life:

Are super-crispy 60fps videos your thing? Then Droid Life’s got your back.

If these videos haven’t satiated your Nexus obsession, even more videos are available via the links directly below…

Sources: reddit, YouTube

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