OpenSignal’s “State of LTE” for Q3 2015

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OpenSignal has a new report out on LTE networks around the world. Using data from the installed base of their app—some 325K users—they’ve ranked carriers and countries by coverage and speed. This time around New Zealand, Singapore and South Korea are the big winners:

Fastest Country: New Zealand – 36Mbps (average download speed)
Fastest Network: StarHub (Singapore) – 38Mbps

Country with Best Coverage: South Korea – 97% time on LTE
Network with Best Coverage: LGT (South Korea) – 99.6% LTE coverage

So how did North America fare in this worldwide test? Not great. Using average LTE download speeds as a metric, Canada ranks 17th worldwide, while the USA ranks 55th. Ouch.

Countries with Faster LTE than Canada (18Mbps):

New Zealand – 36Mbps
Singapore – 33Mbps
Romania – 30Mbps
South Korea – 29Mbps
Denmark – 26Mbps
Hungary – 25Mbps
Austria – 24Mbps
United Arab Emirates – 22Mbps
Greece – 21Mbps
Australia – 21Mbps
Spain – 20Mbps
Latvia – 20Mbps
Netherlands – 19Mbps
Slovakia – 18Mbps
Taiwan – 18Mbps
Finland – 18Mbps

Countries with Faster LTE than the USA (10Mbps):

All of the above, plus…

Italy – 17Mbps
Belgium – 17Mbps
France – 17Mbps
Dominican Republic – 17Mbps
Lithuania – 17Mbps
Morocco – 17Mbps
Brazil – 16Mbps
Poland – 16Mbps
Switzerland – 16Mbps
Croatia – 16Mbps
Oman – 15Mbps
Uruguay – 15Mbps
Colombia – 15Mbps
Czech Republic – 15Mbps
Israel – 15Mbps
Chile – 14Mbps
Ireland – 14Mbps
Japan – 14Mbps
United Kingdom – 13Mbps
Bahrain – 13Mbps
Germany – 13Mbps
China – 13Mbps
Peru – 13Mbps
Norway – 13Mbps
Sweden – 13Mbps
Portugal – 13Mbps
Sri Lanka – 12Mbps
Estonia – 12Mbps
Slovenia – 12Mbps
Malaysia – 12Mbps
Argentina – 12Mbps
Russia – 12Mbps
Venezuela – 11Mbps
Hong Kong – 11Mbps
Kazakhstan – 10Mbps
Mexico – 10Mbps
India – 10Mbps

“But wait,” you say, “my carrier can do better than that!” And it probably can… Remember, these are average, not peak download speeds. Plus, anyone who’s productive on their LTE device knows that upload speeds and ping times are just as important as download speeds, sometimes more so.

You can see how your carrier fared via OpenSignal’s interactive “LTE Speed by Network” graph. Feel free to post your findings below!

Source: The State of LTE (September 2015)

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