A Redditor’s Take on iOS vs. Android

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In addition to these forums and XDA I also make it a daily habit to check my favourite reddits. First among them (alphabetically) is r/Android, where one redditor has come to an interesting conclusion about the trajectory of the Android platform versus iOS:

Android is Simplifying, Apple is Complicating.

As you can probably guess, this revelation comes in the wake of 3D Touch, a new feature available on the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus. I’ll let you read the post for yourself, so you can draw your own conclusions.

With the release of 3D Touch on iOS, I noticed that the features they’re allowing are already available in Android through various widgets, long-presses and other actions. Why is Apple doing it in such a complicated way on iOS when you could have the same results with something more simple? Then I realized that Apple’s initially simple iOS is difficult to add functionality to and keep the same simple UI.

When iOS first came out, it was extremely basic. Perhaps too simple, but it worked. New-to-smartphone users easily adopted the iPhone because what it could do, it could do very easily and intuitively. The problem came when it was time to add functionality for a more educated user-base.

Android doesn’t have this problem. The initial release of Android was much, much more powerful than the iPhone. It could send MMS messages (iPhone couldn’t until the 3G). It could multitask. It could share between apps very easily. Unfortunately, it was also a big unorganized mess. Matias Duarte is finally fixing all of this with a cohesive design for the UI and apps alike. All of the functionality of Android is still there, it’s just in a much more attractive package.

For reference, here’s a Verge video demo of 3D Touch in action:

It does seem unnecessarily complicated, with additional risk for errors because the user presses too hard or not hard enough. Then again, for all we know Google may end up aping this feature in the next version of Android, just because.

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