Android Wear Madness at IFA

Huawei Watch

Even with two phone releases from Acer and Sony, the news out of IFA yesterday was all about Android Wear. The good news is that the hardware in this second generation of wearables is much more attractive—almost watch-like, if you will—than the first. Take the Huawei Watch you see here, for example.

The bad news is that these watches, at least at launch, will be stupid-expensive, and nowhere more so than here in Canada. This same Huawei watch is currently listed on Google’s online store for $499 CAD; for that you could get a pair of last-gen unlocked Moto Gs at Staples, plus cases for them!

There’s also a new Moto G, and it’s only slightly less pricey than the Huawei.

Moto 360

Here’s Marques Brownlee to give us a video introduction to the new 360 line:

Yup, that signature flat tire is back. Moto has gone to some lengths to justify it, as seen in this slide from an internal presentation (leaked to reddit):

Moto Display-to-Body Ratio

Unfortunately this argument gets completely thrown out the window when you consider the new Huawei Watch.

Huawei Watch

Here’s a video hands-on from David Ruddock of Android Police:

It’s still pretty thick, but otherwise gorgeous. I’d honestly love to have one, but it’s waaayyy too expensive to be anywhere close to a justifiable purchase.

Some Much-Needed Perspective

Here’s the thing: while the hardware is definitely improving, the basic spec of an Android Wear device—Snapdragon 400, 512 MB of RAM—hasn’t changed. In other words, the LG G Watch I bought last summer (for $249 CAD, by the way) is nowhere near obsolete. I just wish mine was round, is all…


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  1. I agree. I’ve been waiting to see the new Android Wear watches, but the prices are too high in Canada.

    In contrast, the Pebble Time is “almost” a bargain at $250 Cdn…

    The prices are going to have to come down to get more traction with consumers.

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