Android vs iOS: Settling the Score

iOS vs. Android... Fight!

Hey, I’m not the one who’s going there… You think I’m crazy or something?

I’ve quickly come to learn on these forums that it’s a fool’s game to tell mobile users their business—especially when it comes to their OS of choice. I don’t think it would surprise anyone to say that the smartphone market has matured to a point where those invested in either of the two leading platforms, Android and iOS, will see any compelling reason to switch.

In broad strokes iOS is supposed to offer a superior user experience, and Android unparalleled freedom. Whether or not you agree with this will likely depend on which OS you use and your opinion of the other. And if rabid fanboyism is clouding your judgement, YouTube user ColdfusTion has a pair of videos that will make you see the light. The first traces the history and development of each platform, and the second takes a refreshingly objective look at their major differences.

The total running time for both is a hair over twenty minutes, perfect for a leisurely weekend viewing and discussion. Enjoy!

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