Your Monday Morning Android Device and Service Leaks

Angler Prototype

So there was quite a bit of news for Android fans over the weekend. Let’s get right to it!

What we’re looking at here is apparently the Huawei Nexus (codenamed “Angler”), showing front-firing speakers, a fingerprint scanner and a rather retro-looking camera assembly on the back. It was posted to Google+ early this morning and seems to have originated from the popular Chinese social networking service QQ. It does match up with some earlier CAD renders—except for that camera assembly.

On the subject of fingerprint scanners…

Android Pay Notice

Android Police has photo evidence from two separate sources suggesting that Android Pay will be launching this week—Wednesday, August 26th, to be exact. August 21 was the official US launch date for Samsung’s newest devices, so that part kind of makes sense. I suspect that Android Pay is only launching in the USA as well, at least for now. Because as we all know, mobile wallets here in Canada are still a dreadful mess.

BlackBerry Venice apks

And finally, leaker Evan Blass has tweeted a selection of apk files for the forthcoming BlackBerry Venice, confirming the presence of the BlackBerry Hub, a custom launcher and some other BB PIM apps. There’s still no confirmation of an app store from either Amazon or Google—though some previously leaked press materials on the CrackBerry forums show support for Google’s ChromeCast at the very least.

I think what I’m most excited about is the potential for front-facing speakers to be a standard spec for all Nexus devices going forward. How about you?


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