Someone Sell Us on Android Wear

Fossil Smartwatch

This week at the Intel Developer Forum in Shenzhen, China, Fossil was on hand to very briefly tease an Android Wear-powered watch. Apparently only LG can make round smartwatches—either that, or the Moto 360’s signature “flat tire” has become an acceptable design aesthetic.

Anyway, having another traditional watchmaker on board as a Wear OEM is a big break for Google and an important step towards owning the wearables market, along with all the biometric data that comes with.

Serious question, though: Does Android Wear have a killer app yet? That is, beyond Google Now?

Yesterday I updated the software on my first-generation LG G Watch to see what was new. While I’m sadly unable to enjoy the benefits of WiFi connectivity on this early Wear device, I can see that there’s now a proper app drawer one screen to the right of my watch face (you can also get there by tapping). And obviously, having the time always visible even when the screen is off is a big improvement—because, you know, it’s a watch.

For many of the apps I use, I can also see that there’s parity between Android Wear and Pebble, my current wearable platform of choice. But there are some notable exceptions, too—like Uber, for example. Although to be fair, I’m not 100% sure if that app has launched yet for the Apple Watch, either.

I’ve little doubt that Android Wear will one day be as pervasive as Android itself. For right now, though, enlighten us: What’s your favourite thing about it?

Photo: Fossil unveils Android Wear smartwatch and other wearables

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