It’s a Blackberry… It’s a Droid… OMG IT’S BOTH.

BlackBerry Venice

It’s a BlackBerry, but it runs Android. It has a physical qwerty keypad, but Lollipop navigation buttons as well. It’s the BlackBerry Venice Slider, and if rumours are to be believed, it’s coming to your carrier before Christmas.

Famous phone leaker Evan Blass—who, for the record, was bang-on about Samsung’s fall device launch—tweeted last night that the Venice would be available on all four US carriers come November. I can’t imagine any reason why it wouldn’t be available in Canada as well. Specs for the device are rumoured to be as follows:

5.4 inch 2K display
18 MP OIS rear camera (5 MP on the front)
1.8 GHz Snapdragon 808 processor with 3 GB RAM
Android Lollipop

Now I’m not a BlackBerry user myself, but I imagine the big draws for fans of the platform would be the inclusion of the familiar (and impressive) BlackBerry Hub, along with the opportunity to finally be treated as a first-class Android citizen thanks to Google Play services. And for those Android users still pining for a physical keyboard, this is very likely the device for you.

Are we excited about an Android-powered BlackBerry…?


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