More From Yesterday’s Briefing with Samsung Canada


Yup, I got to try out Samsung’s keyboard case at the briefing Howard brought me along to yesterday, the one that will instantly transform your 2015 Galaxy Note 5 into a 2005 Nokia E61. I have to admit that it’s a clever (if hideously ugly) accessory—when not in use it snaps onto the other side of a companion backplate behind the phone—but it’s something I would expect to find at Pacific Mall more than from the biggest smartphone manufacturer on the planet.

Samsung is clearly not holding back in the goofy accessories department. But when it comes to devices it’s an entirely different story. Especially for the Canadian market.

With regards to the Galaxy Note 5 and Galaxy 6 edge+ you can forget about all the colour options you’ve seen on other blogs; in Canada both devices will only be available in Sapphire Black.

Even more perplexing are the storage options: you’ll be able to get either 32 or 64 GB on the S6 edge+, but only 32 GB on the Note. Why? The explanation we got yesterday was that Samsung considers the edge more of a media consumption device. And yet a 64 GB Note 5 will be readily available to customers in the USA on their carrier-of-choice. Would this be another case of death by focus group, the same reason why the Note won’t be coming at all to Europe or the UK?

One other obvious thing I’ll mention… Despite going all upmarket with metal and glass there will be no 128 GB option for either device. And Samsung is supposed to compete with Apple how…?


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