Here are Some More Affordable Data Plans that Most of Canada Can’t Have

Futurama: "Good news, everyone..."

iPhone in Canada reported this past Monday that both Fido and Koodo have launched two new BYOD plans: $43/month for 1 GB of data and $53 for 2 GB. The catch? It’s only available to residents of Québec.

Could this anomaly be due to the presence of a strong and independent regional carrier there? Looks like… Both of these price points undercut similar plans from Vidéotron by exactly $5.

A monthly data bucket of 2 GB is, in my opinion, barely sufficient for the modern smartphone user—but my rough calculations would estimate it to be about two times better than the 1 GB you’d get from these carriers for the same price in Ontario or BC.

You’ll still get the best data deals in Manitoba and Sasketchewan (and if you don’t live there do yourself a favour and click here), as that region has strong competition from not one but two independent carriers. Funny how this country’s wireless racket works.

And by “funny” of course I mean infuriating. ಠ_ಠ

Source: Koodo, Fido Launch $43, $53 Plans with 1GB and 2GB Data for Quebec

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