Android Police and OnePlus: You’re Both Wrong (and also right)

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So upstart smartphone-maker OnePlus has just shunned Android Police, one of if not the most trusted Android blogs worldwide.

Around 8pm Eastern Time last night their editorial team got a direct call from the company, informing them that they would have no access to review units, no invites for giveaways and no further communication. It’s most likely the result of an angry rant posted on AP earlier that afternoon, calling out OnePlus’s marketing as lies.

All the sources will be posted below. But if you’ll indulge me, I’ll highlight what I think are the important bits first.

About the rant… AP’s David Ruddock definitely has a point when he questions OnePlus’s “Never Settle” slogan:

OnePlus’ #NeverSettle campaign […] has backfired substantially with the reveal of the 2. No quick charging, no wireless charging, no NFC, a 1080p rather than 2K display, a still paltry 16GB of base storage, no SD card slot – all component choices that reek of compromise when OnePlus’ high-end competitors are offering more.

All valid observations. But then it gets weird:

OnePlus can only succeed at these lower price points where they aren’t actually forced to directly compete with the likes of Apple, Samsung, or HTC’s newest high-end phones. They can stay in the mid-range price tier with high-end-esque specifications like a big fish in a small pond, but they know full-well they’d be eaten alive in Lake Flagship.

Lake Flagship…?

Whether you’re a fan of OnePlus or not, you cannot deny the impact they’ve made on the business of selling smartphones. Remember when the OnePlus One was first announced? Two models, one with 16 GB of storage, the other with 64 GB. The price? $299 and $349 USD—a fifty-dollar difference for an extra 48 GB of storage, in a world where Apple was easily getting away with charging double that for the same bump.

Apple is still getting away with it, by the way. Samsung too. Is their onboard storage any better? I don’t possibly see how it could be. Credit must to given to OnePlus for showing the world just how much the big OEMs are marking up their wares.

… And then, like petulant school children, they suddenly refuse to play with  a prominent Android blog because their feelings are hurt. From Google+:

Not entirely unexpected, but still a bit surprising. +OnePlus just broke up with us over +David Ruddock‘s editorial.

No more review units, no invite giveaways that I promised you guys, and likely no further communication (though I hope they at least respond to technical questions).

I’m glad respecting editorial integrity and reception to criticism is high on their list of values. But remembering that part about respect at the end of title, I shouldn’t be surprised.

Apple can get away with this sort of thing, too. But for a small company like OnePlus, I think this is really going to hurt them.



  1. Oneplus one,has been swapping parts in later production to “cut cost”, so far people have noticed different screen menufactor and flash storage provider(both for the worse). And their forum has been on a somewhat tight regulation that only praises are allowed.

    And then there’s NFC, not sure if they simply don’t care about NFC( as with all other Chinese phone companies, excluding huawei), or they are taking a bet that android pay won’t take off until their next “flagship killer”.

    IMO Oneplus 2 is still fantastic phone for the price, however wether or not it’s still a “flagship” need to be questioned, let alone a “flagship killer”

    1. This part about the forum is utter bullshit. Half the threads are attacking OP for their lack of NFC, etc. Or their failings with customer service.

  2. AP trying to hide behind journalism integrity? Please.
    If they feel so strongly why aren’t they taking a rip at Samsung for smaller battery, 2k screens, half baked glitchy software and skinning and overpriced hardware on the “next big thing”
    Is OP perfect, no. But they have given us 90% of the specs for 50% of the price. Absolutely a flag ship killer.

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