Your OnePlus 2 Reveal Round-up

OnePlus 2 VR Launch

After 19 hours in the air and almost 29 hours in transit I managed to make it home in time to see the OnePlus 2 VR launch—that’s OnePlus co-founder Carl Pei in the screen grab you see here.

If you’ve a suitable VR rig for your Android device you can still experience the launch for yourself with the official app but honestly, I wouldn’t bother. While technically well-executed there was just too much marketing and not enough phone—16 minutes in to the 30 minute event they still hadn’t revealed it. Fortunately, some other bloggers already have one in their possession. Let’s see what they have to say about the latest from OnePlus.


First, here’s the official reveal of the OnePlus 2:

And while we’re at it, here’s MKBHD’s just-posted first impressions video:

Oxygen OS has a permissions manager? Cool.

New StyleSwap Covers

In addition to the Sandstone Black and Bamboo back covers there will be additional options available, including Rosewood, Black Apricot (?) and Kevlar. The backs will apparently be much easier to remove and replace than on the OPO.

Retail Presence (kinda)

To promote their new phone OnePlus will be trying something new—on July 31st they’ll be hosting events in nine cities where you’ll be able to try before you buy:

  1. New York – Times Square
  2. San Francisco – PCH, 135 Mississippi Street
  3. London – SwiftKey, 91-95 Southwark Bridge Road
  4. Paris – Numa, 39 Rue du Caire
  5. Berlin – OneFootball, Greifswalder Strasse
  6. Milan – Talent Garden, Via Merano
  7. New Delhi – Café Coffee Day Square 44, Janpath
  8. Bangalore – Café Coffee Day Square, Vittal Mallya Road
  9. Jakarta -Conclave, Jalan Wijaya 1 no. 5C

More Gotchas

Previous concerns about the Snapdragon 810 seem to have been mitigated by the choice to use a 1080p display, but Android Police still has two complaints about the OnePlus 2. Wireless charging—or for that matter, quick charging of any kind—is not supported. And the OP2 has no NFC because, according to OnePlus, nobody uses it. As someone who finds Android Beam pretty handy this is disappointing news; if tap and pay weren’t so badly broken here in Canada it would probably be a deal-breaker.

Still, with an unlockable bootloader, dual SIM support and an affordable price tag the OnePlus 2 looks to be a compelling choice. Will it prove to be the best choice for a modder-friendly 2015 smartphone? That depends on what Google has planned for Nexus, I think…


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