Huawei Nexus Specs Leaked

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Consider this a companion to yesterday’s leak about 2015’s other Nexus phone, codenamed “bullhead” and made by LG.

Late last night Evan Blass tweeted the specs for the forthcoming Nexus phablet from Huawei, codenamed “angler”:

Huawei Nexus sounds impressive so far: 5.7″ QHD w/ metal body, SD820 SoC, fingerprint reader. Ships Q4.
— Evan Blass (@evleaks) July 15, 2015

Snapdragon 820, you say? Interesting…

I myself was looking forward to a MediaTek-powered Nexus, especially in light of this year’s so far underwhelming Snapdragon 810. If it is indeed the 820 that achieved those impressive AnTuTu scores for the new LG Nexus, I suppose I’d be ok with that. 😉

As for the other specs, an all-metal body would be nice, a QHD screen will almost certainly require a bigger battery and I’ll likely use a fingerprint reader about as much as I do on my ThinkPad. Which is never.

If you’re not familiar with Evan Blass you can check out this feature about him produced by the BBC. He’s definitely a trusted source—he even leaked the Nexus 4 back in 2012. And Nexus phones? Some fancy them as a vessel for the latest and greatest version of Android, free of carrier and manufacturer bloat. But the modders among us know that with its easily-unlockable bootloader a Nexus enables the true power of Android to be tapped.

So we now have a pretty good idea of what’s coming in Q4. The big remaining question is price…


    1. Well, hello there, old-timer! 😉

      Currently enjoying the OnePlus One, interested in the OnePlus 2 and both of these rumoured Nexus phones. How about yourself? Is that your new site? Looking good!

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