How Smooth is Scrolling on Your Android Device?

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Android developer options ftw!

What we’re looking at here is a side-by-side test, scrolling through Play Store listings on the 2013 Nexus 5 (left) and the 2015 Galaxy S6 (right). The cover overlay is a developer setting called “Profile GPU rendering”. I’ll let the OP explain the results:

What you see there are some bars, each bar representing a frame. The longer the bar, the longer it took to render the frame. Additionally, there’s a green little line. That one signifies 16 ms, or 60 frames per second. Any bar above the line means that you get no 60 fps, and a stutter.

TL;DR The SGS6 is really jittery when it comes to scrolling.

Granted, with it’s QHD screen the Samsung has a lot more pixels to push. To be honest what was most interesting about this post was, for me, finding a new benchmarking tool. Of course I couldn’t resist running the test on my own phone; here’s a sample result from scrolling through the Play Store, down to the bottom of the games category and then back up again:

OnePlus One Scrolling Test

Device: OnePlus One running the latest build of Euphoria OS.

If you wanted to set this up on your own phone or tablet it’s pretty easy:

  1. Enable Developer options. Navigate to Settings > About > Build number and tap on Build number seven times.
  2. Go back one screen and tap on your new Developer options panel. Towards the end of the list you’ll find Profile GPU rendering; tap on that and choose “On screen as bars”.

Feel free to post your results here!

Source: Scrolling comparison between S6 and Nexus 5

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