Koodo’s SK/MB Plans Hit the Spotlight

Spotlight on an Empty Stage

So there’s a $48 plan now…?

Yesterday saw two features of note in the wider Canadian tech press about Koodo’s SK/MB plans—in particular an enterprising user on Kijiji who’s offering to set up such a plan for an additional hundred bucks. Peter Nowak supposedly broke the story about these “black market plans“… except that forums user potterworld beat him to it by more than a week. Yay, us! 😎

iPhone in Canada’s Gary Ng did a me-too post, paying lip service to the Kijiji ad but also letting his readers know about the savvy customers who are taking advantage of these plans without any middlemen:

What ‘Tony’ is offering is not exactly new, especially if you frequent sites such as Howard Forums or RedFlagDeals.

You’re damn right!

Does the sudden attention on these plans put them in jeopardy for users not actually residing in Manitoba or Saskatchewan? No idea. But I firmly believe that the Kijiji ad is only a distraction; the real story here is about Koodo et al. choosing to be competitive only in markets where there’s actual competition from a local carrier.


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