A Review of Project Fi

Project Fi Box

Not mine, obviously—Google’s first MVNO venture isn’t coming to Canada anytime soon.

Pennsylvanian journalist and blogger Paul Kuehnel was among the first to sign up for Project Fi back in April, and has reported on the service after using it for about three weeks. I found his post via r/Android on reddit.

A quick refresher: The Project Fi network uses Sprint, T-Mobile and WiFi hotspots, with seamless handoffs between each. The customer is billed a flat rate of $20/month for unlimited calls and SMS plus $10/GB for data. Unused data from each $10 increment is refunded.

Today I’ll share a few highlights from Paul’s post, along with a link so you can read it for yourself.

The requisite unboxing of Project Fi materials, including a portable battery, custom earbuds and Nexus 6—shipped separately, if you don’t already own one.

Here are some things you may or may not know about Project Fi:

  1. Your Fi phone number will be tied to your primary Gmail account, so if you’re porting in a number and have a number for Google Voice, you’ll lose the latter.
  2. Voicemails are transcribed into text for your convenience. As a user and fan of SpinVox back in the day, I find this to be a far more useful solution than Apple’s Visual Voicemail for iOS.
  3. If you so desire you can shut off WiFi altogether and only use cellular networks but, in Paul’s words, the service “tends to want to connect to WiFi again”.
  4. You can administer a Fi account entirely through an app on your Fi-enabled Nexus 6.

For more insights on Google’s disruptive MVNO play, check out Paul’s post immediately below.

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