Verizon Crowned Fastest Mobile Network in the USA

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It’s official: with the fastest speeds and the best coverage overall, Verizon is the USA’s fastest mobile network—this according to a new report by PCMag.

The bold proclamation comes after more than 100,000 test cycles across 30 cities. Each test cycle measured network latency, multi-threaded uploads and downloads and a separate 1MB web page rendering with 70 unique elements, all recorded to an Excel spreadsheet.

If you’re not a Verizon customer, consider that the results by city will probably prove more instructive for choosing a carrier (or switching). I’m not going to re-blog the entire 40 page report, but I’ll do you a solid and give you the winners in each of the 30 tested cities.

  1. Atlanta: T-Mobile
  2. Baltimore: Verizon
  3. Boston: Verizon
  4. Charlotte: AT&T
  5. Chicago: Verizon
  6. Dallas: AT&T
  7. Denver: Sprint
  8. Detroit: Verizon
  9. Houston: AT&T
  10. Indianapolis: AT&T
  11. Kansas City: Verizon
  12. Las Vegas: T-Mobile
  13. Los Angeles: Verizon
  14. Memphis: Verizon
  15. Miami: Verizon
  16. New Orleans: AT&T
  17. New York: Verizon
  18. Philadelphia: Verizon
  19. Phoenix: T-Mobile
  20. Portland: T-Mobile
  21. Raleigh: AT&T
  22. Salt Lake City: Verizon
  23. San Antonio: T-Mobile
  24. San Diego: Verizon/T-Mobile (tie)
  25. San Francisco: AT&T/Verizon (tie)
  26. Seattle: T-Mobile
  27. St. Louis: Verizon
  28. Tampa: Verizon
  29. Tucson: Verizon
  30. Washington, DC: T-Mobile

Source: Fastest Mobile Networks 2015

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