Google Gets Into the Internet Radio Racket

Silicon Valley's Hanneman

Before you get too excited about this, I should warn you that it’s US-only—at least for the moment.

Google has responded to the coming threat of Apple Music with a new streaming product of their own. The difference? Where Apple’s 24-hour, DJ-curated radio station will be but a single component of their $9.99 USD/month offering, Google is providing a selection of themed Internet radio stations for free (with ads) today.

At launch, those stations are as follows:

  1. Brand New Music
  2. Driving
  3. Working Out
  4. Boosting Your Energy
  5. Having Friends Over
  6. Having Fun at Work
  7. Entering Beast Mode
  8. Waking Up Happy
  9. Unwinding
  10. Bedtime

They’re all available on the web right now, with support for Android and iOS devices rolling out this week. And here’s the YouTube pitch:

I myself would prefer to have my Internet radio stations organized by genre, as opposed to some mathematical expression of volume, beats-per-minute and whatever else; I guess I’m old school that way. 🙄

Source: Google Play Music free, ad-supported radio

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