Why You Might Want to Eschew the OnePlus 2

OnePlus Two 810

Fandroids beware: the second-generation flagship killer from OnePlus will run the Snapdragon 810. Yes, that Snapdragon 810—the one that throttled the LG G Flex 2, lost a major OEM (Samsung), lit up the HTC M9 and still sucks on the new Sony Xperia Z4.

This thing is a dud, end of story.

And yet here’s OnePlus, trumpeting the 810 in its forums like its users didn’t know any better:

Our engineers debated endlessly over which CPU would be the perfect fit for the 2. While we played around with other options, we always came back to the 810. Its speed and ability to multitask while maintaining optimal battery performance remain unmatched amongst others in the industry.


To fend off criticism OnePlus say that they’re bringing an all-new version of the 810 to their new phone, the 810 v2.1. Thing is, that chip is already shipping on the Xiaomi Mi Note Pro—AnandTech tested it; the heat and throttling issues are still a major concern.

How does OnePlus respond? With an angry blog post—literally—about how offended they are at the entirely reasonable theory that they’re getting the 810 on the cheap from Qualcomm, because no one else wants it.

OnePlus has made it a mission statement to sell bootloader-unlockable devices that support custom ROMs, so I’ll be keeping an eye out for how this second-gen flagship deals with its sub-optimal processor. That Huawei Nexus is looking better and better, though…


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