V is for Vapourware, S is for Scam.

Saygus V²

There are over a thousand Android enthusiasts out there patiently waiting for their Saygus V², and I sincerely hope that you’re not one of them. This would-be flagship-killer is shaping up to be a major scam.

Ongoing manufacturing delays are bad enough, but now Saygus has apparently launched an Indiegogo campaign for a “refreshed” V² dubbed the V SQUARED—a campaign that, at launch, was already funded to the tune of almost a million bucks.

Saygus says it was an error, one that conveniently added the tally from the original pre-orders to their Indiegogo account. Android Police calls the situation “mega-suspicious“, and I’m inclined to agree.

Remember that the company’s bold claim as being “the only smartphone startup to ever receive certification from a US carrier” was for a phone that never made it to market. And based on their Indiegogo video it seems like Saygus would rather pay off YouTubers to shill for them than, you know, actually make phones:

Yup, nothing says business acumen like a suit jacket over a Henley… 🙄

I’ll admit that when the V² was first announced I came close to putting down some serious money for a pair of them (an extra battery was being offered as a perk at the time). This morning I’m counting my lucky stars that I didn’t.

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