XDA Weighs in on the ZenFone 2

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Over the weekend XDA posted a review of what’s shaping up to be this year’s midrange champ, the ASUS ZenFone 2.

With both micro SD and dual SIM support the cheaper $249 CAD / $199 USD 16 GB model handily trounces the Moto G—except for the unfortunate fact that the ASUS doesn’t run anything close to stock Android. If ever a device needed a good AOSP ROM, this would be it.

Which is why XDA’s review piqued my interest. See what they have to say about the ZenFone 2’s customizability below.

First, though, here’s what you’re in for in terms of UX:

And now the skinny on ZenFone 2 modding, straight from the XDA review:

Despite the shackles of locked bootloaders, the ZenFone 2 can be rooted, it can run custom recoveries and it can also have the Xposed Framework installed. You can find more information about these developments here. These are all very lucky breaks for the XDA community, but none of it makes for extensive future proofing. As of writing this, there are no custom ROMs for the ZenFone 2 on its Android Development subforum, and no real mods in the Themes and Apps section either. Due to its x86 architecture, development, optimization, modding and general hackery can prove to be troublesome or unpredictable, especially on a base system that already proves unstable by default.

Yeah, kinda figured that Intel chip would be problematic for ROM development… Fortunately, with root access you can still block ads, deny app permissions and take control of your personal data. If anyone has already rooted their ZenFone 2, I’d love to hear about your experience doing so!

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