THIS is How You Do Voice Search

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It makes perfect sense that a company specializing in music (and lyric) recognition software for smartphones would eventually turn to voice search. And that’s exactly what SoundHound, Inc. is doing.

In the works for nearly a decade, Hound is available now as a private US-only beta for Android—an iOS version is coming soon. What makes it different from Google Now, Siri and the like is the complexity of voice queries that it can handle. Some examples:

“Give me a list of hotels in Jacksonville with availability Thursday at prices lower than 200 dollars, staying three nights that have a pool and are pet friendly.”

“How many days are there between the day after tomorrow and three days before the second Thursday of November, 2022?”

“I have a stick of celery, some chicken broth, and a sausage. What can I make?”

Hound can give you the answers without skipping a beat.

Here’s the official sales pitch.

But what’s really impressive is the other video on the company’s new YouTube page, this internal demo putting Hound through its paces.

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