Good Enough: Switching to WIND from The Big Three

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I came across an interesting read by Canadian tech journalist Peter Nowak—he made my first (and thus far only) list of mobile heroes back in 2013. This week he’s posted almost 3,000 words on his experience switching to WIND Mobile from a Big Three carrier.

The timing of his piece is interesting, given the approaching June 3rd deadline that will effectively end three-year wireless contracts in Canada; both the Big Three and their subsidiaries are offering “deals” not seen in this country for quite some time. I put “deals” in quotation marks because, for anyone willing to jump through a few hoops to get Koodo’s $55/5GB SK/MB plan, they aren’t really deals at all.

Given Peter’s fantastic coverage of the Fair for Canada debacle—when the Big Three showed their true colours in the face of some real (if ultimately only rumoured) competition—I was expecting to see some politics behind in his switch to WIND. Instead, it seems like it’s all about the money, and what you get for it.

Here’s what he’s getting for it:

Over the next few days, I performed numerous speed tests. A few times I got downloads up around 7 Mbps, and sometimes down under 1 Mbps. Uploads rarely clocked in at much more than 2 Mbps. Most of the time, it was around 3 Mbps down and 1 Mbps up.

When I tested WIND’s network here in Toronto last summer I couldn’t get a sustained upload speed of 1 Mbps, what I would consider a bare minimum for a usable data service. It’s certainly good news for users if upload speeds have gotten better.

If you missed the post chronicling my own experience with WIND, I’ll include it in the links directly below.

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