Two Nexus Phones and Zero Nexus Tablets Rumoured for 2015

Nexus "X"

Once upon a time Google’s Nexus was the only smartphone this discerning Android modder would even consider buying. That changed in 2014, due in part to the excellent and affordable OnePlus One, and in part due to the rare misstep otherwise known as the Nexus 6. Nonetheless, Nexus remains a big deal—at the very least, whatever Google unveils later this year will almost certainly run a new version of Android.

A new rumour from Android Police, who have a fairly solid reputation for such things (along with the most plausible explanation for the Nexus 6 that I’ve yet to hear), would suggest that not one but a pair of Nexus phones are in the pipeline for 2015. And no tablet.

The tablet part I totally get; since moving to a bigger phone I find myself using my Nexus 7 much less, basically only when my phone is charging. As for the phones, both Huawei and LG will apparently be producing devices for Google:

The LG Angler (remember, sea creature code names) will have a 5.2-inch screen and a battery in the neighborhood of 2700mAh. The capacity is not completely decided, but neither is the ARM chip. LG is currently planning on a Snapdragon 808 in this device. That’s the same hexa-core chip used in the LG G4. Angler would basically be the 2015 Nexus 5 everyone has been begging for.

The Huawei Bullhead will apparently be a somewhat more hefty device with a 5.7-inch screen. For better or worse, the information we have says Huawei plans to use a Snapdragon 810 in this Nexus. Again, that might change before release, or maybe it’ll be fine with the additional time to tweak performance. The battery capacity in Bullhead is said to be 3500mAh. This is more or less a 2015 Nexus 6, but with a slightly more manageable form factor. Both phones should be out in the usual Nexus time frame around October.

The big question for me is price. Both Huawei and LG are capable of producing high quality and affordable handsets; what remains to be seen is whether Google will recognize their 2014 fumbles and return to a more sensible pricing strategy for the Nexus line.

Source: [Rumor] No Nexus Tablet In 2015, But Two Phones—A 5.2-Inch LG (Code Name Angler) And A 5.7-Inch Huawei (Code Name Bullhead)

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