Want an Android 5.1 Custom ROM? BlissPop is the ROM You Want

BlissPop Home Screen

Last November, when the sting of disappointment from the Nexus 6 was still fresh, I proudly proclaimed that I wouldn’t be upgrading to Android Lollipop anytime soon. Now, six months later to the day, I’m here to tell you about the new 5.1-based ROM on my OnePlus One.

It’s called BlissPop. It’s built on a CyanogenMod base, but offers so much more.

BlissPop  Privacy Guard

First and foremost, BlissPop gives you Cyanogen’s best-in-class Privacy Guard. With the set-it-and-forget-it setting you see above, I’ll get an alert whenever an app requests permission to my personal data. At that point I can either grant access or send a null value—my choice.

It’s a critical user-facing feature that you won’t see in most other stock Android ROMs, at least for now.

BlissPop Dark Mode

One of the reasons why I’ve resisted upgrading to a 5.x-based ROM is a feature on SlimKat called “the real dark slim”—basically a toggle which gives menus and other design elements a dark background. As you can see above, BlissPop can do that too!

BlissPop CM Themes

BlissPop also supports the Cyanogen Theming Engine, so if you wanted to change the look of your phone even more, just search for “CM12 Theme” in the Play Store.

BlissPop Interface Options

And don’t stop there; other interface tweaks abound…

BlissPop Navigation Bar Buttons

Unlike SlimKat, BlissPop has proper support for the switching between the OnePlus One’s hardware and software navigation buttons. I’m going back to the on-screen ones for now, for novelty’s sake if nothing else.

If you’re upgrading your device from KitKat, I read somewhere that you’ll get the best results if you format your data partition before flashing a Lollipop ROM. That means dumping the contents of your TitaniumBackup folder onto a computer and then back onto your device afterwards to restore your apps.

Another pro tip: For some reason I wasn’t able to flash BlissPop until I first flashed a CyanogenMod 12 nightly on my OnePlus One. Once I did that, flashing BlissPop over it was a non-issue.

You can find BlissPop for your Android device here, and the gapps zip here.

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