I’m Dating a Data Hog

Rage Face - Epic Win

And I couldn’t be more proud. Or more grateful for Koodo’s $55 SK/MB plan.

Ordinarily she wouldn’t go anywhere near the generous (for these days) 5 GB ceiling of the plan we’re both on, but a perfect storm of two elements—a sudden obsession with a YouTube channel and a finicky WiFi radio on her OnePlus One—made for an exception.

The final tally for the damage was 704.52 MB (our new billing cycle starts today); for this she’ll be dinged a mere $10 on our next bill—a lot less than the Big Three’s current overage rates, I might add. More importantly, that 5 GB data bucket kept her overage low in the first place.

It got me thinking more about streaming video on smartphones. It seems to me there’s a real disconnect between all the wondrous services available and the cold, hard cost of mobile data. Our home broadband connection has a monthly data bucket of 300 GB; streaming many hours of Netflix is no problem for us. But YouTube, along with the likes of these new streaming apps like Periscope and Meerkat, can easily gobble up much more data than what’s available in a typical smartphone plan.

Sure, there’s always WiFi. But WiFi is immobilizing, holding you captive within range of wherever your signal is coming from. The whole idea of mobility is to be able to move, is it not?

Something’s got to give here, I think—either streaming video needs to get leaner, or data plans need to get fatter and cheaper. Until then, I’m holding on to this Koodo plan for dear life!

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