A Mighty Frustration

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For about eight hours yesterday I had a pro subscription to MightyText, universally lauded as one of if not the best desktop SMS solution for power users. My experience was a little different.

I’ve tried the free version of MightyText before, and was always bothered by the fact that my desktop browser needed these three cookies for it to work:


If, like me, you block third-party cookies from your web browser (because privacy) and don’t enable these three exceptions you’ll find that your connection to MightyText will break from too many redirects. I’ve honestly¬† never seen any other web service work this way.

And textyserver? Really?

Anyway, against my better judgement I pressed on, installing the Android client and granting it unfettered access to my address book. My decision to get the pro subscription came when I realized that I had to be a paying user to be able to load all the texts from my phone into my desktop browser. Funny how things like that work.

With my pro subscription in place I loaded up a browser tab with all my SMS threads and, wonder of wonders, continued those conversations from my computer. Almost immediately I spotted a big problem: every outgoing message from my browser appeared twice on my phone.

The good news was that recipients were only getting my texts once. The bad news was that this wasn’t just a display bug; my SMS archiving solution of choice, SMS Backup+, was also backing up sent texts in duplicate.

My first thought was to install another SMS app. I tried Textra and MightyText’s own rather hideous SimplyText, but the duplicate messages persisted.

A Google search yielded two links of interest. The first was a thread on Google’s official Nexus Help Forum, where a user with similar issues reported the following:

I’ve spoken to the developers at MightyText about this issue a number of times but have never come to a full resolution.

The second link was a MightyText Facebook post from 2013. One of the replies to it was posted exactly a week ago today:

How have you not fixed this yet? OVER TWO YEARS. Uninstalled app today, and I will be spreading the word far and wide to avoid this app and anything your team develops.

After reading this I decided on an immediate refund of my pro subscription as the best course of action. I have to say that this was handled very well. MightyText promises a reply to any pro user’s query within four hours; I got my refund issued in less than two.

And now I’m back to the desktop SMS solution I was using before MightyText: the amazing Pushbullet. I can no longer schedule outgoing texts from my computer, but there are no third-party cookies or technical headaches to deal with, either.


    1. Mine is scheduling home care for my elderly mother. When I have some non-urgent information to pass on I don’t won’t to disturb the caregivers when they’re not working.

  1. Hi Andrew – My name is Nick and I work with MightyText. We came across your blog and are happy to help you iron out the issues if you’re willing. Please contact us via http://help.mightytext.net, mention this post in your support ticket, and we will gladly do what we can for you. Thanks.

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