Rogers & Fido Offering Customers Free Data If They Stay with Rogers & Fido

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According to iPhone in Canada, select Rogers and Fido customers are being targeted with a free data offer to keep them from jumping ship to another carrier. This initiative is a direct result of the Wireless Code.

For anyone reading this on the front page, some Rogers and Fido subscribers have received text messages with an offer of 1GB/month free, for a maximum of 12 months. The Rogers text looks like this:

Rogers info: Fantastic News! We’ve added 1GB/mo. of extra data on your wireless [xxx-xxx-xxxx] at no extra cost. Thank you for being our loyal customer. Enjoy this gift effective [start of billing cycle?] valid only on your current plan until your next device upgrade for a maximum of 12 months. (non-transferrable)

And the Fido one like this:

Hi, it’s Fido: Thanks for being with us! Here’s an extra 1GB of data per month just for you at no extra cost for [xxx-xxx-xxxx]. It’ll start on [end of billing cycle?], so enjoy it as long as you have your current plan or until you upgrade your phone, for up to 12 months. Reach us at [Fido link for contacts page].

Who’s Being Targeted:

“Premium” customers—that is, those paying $60/month or more for service.

Why Now?

June 3rd, 2015 marks the date when every mobile subscriber in Canada can benefit from the Wireless Code. As of this date you’ll be able to walk away from any three-year contract without penalty—not including hardware subsidies, of course.

It’s estimated that anywhere from 2.2 to 4 million Canadians will be in the market for a new plan come June 3rd; percentage-wise that’s about 10-18% of The Big Three’s postpaid subscriber base.

If you’re on that grandfathered iPhone $30/6GB data deal you might not even notice the extra gigabyte/month. If your data bucket is smaller, it may be worth looking into Koodo’s $55/5GB SK/MB plan.


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