This Screen Grab Cost Me Two Hundred Bucks

BlackBerry Q5 OTA Update

… But a refund is on the way. Thanks, Amazon!

You’ll recall that I experienced a sudden and unexpected case of BlackBerry envy a few weeks ago when my mother was having some tests done at the hospital. If you missed it, my brother was texting me with his physical qwerty keypad faster than I could reply with my virtual Android equivalent.

As dear old mum has a follow-up visit with her doctor planned for this week, I thought it might be instructive to repeat my experience with a BlackBerry, for comparison’s sake.

Now I’m not made of money so a Passport or Classic was entirely out of the question; I did, however, manage to find myself a cheap and cheerful Q5 on Amazon—in my favourite colour, I might add. I always preferred the island-style keys on the old Curve models, anyway, finding them easier to type on than the keys on the Bolds.

A few days and $200 CAD later I had a new BlackBerry in my hands. The first order of business (after entering my credentials) was upgrading the OS to the latest and greatest version. Only problem was, there wasn’t enough space on the device to take the OTA.

I hadn’t yet added a micro SD card, and assumed that once I did the OS would either save the update there or just move stuff around to make the temporary download fit. Nope. I then took the screen grab’s next suggestion. Since there weren’t yet any personal files on this newly-activated device I figured that it must be a case of bloatware. But unless you consider apps like Facebook and Twitter bloatware, there really wasn’t any to be found.

A Google search yielded this helpful post on; sadly, none of the suggestions would work with any of this user’s desktop Linux computers. In fact, the only way I could get that screen grab onto my computer was to yank the memory card and put it into a USB adapter. I thought I had spotted a toggle for USB mass storage somewhere in the Q5’s settings, but for the life of me couldn’t find it again when I was ready to use it.

And so, this little red BlackBerry went back to Amazon, and my BlackBerry envy was effectively cured. Sure liked that keypad, though…

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