iVerge Picks “Best” Android Keyboard, Users Decide Otherwise


It’s time to add app reviews to the list of things I won’t do.

It’s one thing to tell you all about a unique app that you might find useful, but in an age where many such things have matured enough to satisfy different users’ needs I think we’re past the point of declaring a single winner out of an entire software category. And yet that’s exactly what The Verge did in a post yesterday, picking the stock Android keyboard as the objective winner in the very subjective field of Android keyboards.

Almost immediately the story was posted to my favourite link-sharing site, reddit, and soon after that the top comments made a strong case for SwiftKey, for a feature that the stock Android keyboard doesn’t have—support for using two languages simultaneously.

The point here isn’t that SwiftKey is better, it’s that SwiftKey is better for some.

Here’s a video version of the The Verge’s keypad report for anyone interested:

A bit odd that they give the nod to SwiftKey on iOS; it’s almost like different users have different preferences for software, or something…

For the record, I myself prefer SwiftKey on Android for another killer feature: predictive emoji. The SwiftKey folks seem like they’re deeply-invested in these mobile ideograms; just last week they released their first worldwide emoji report, analyzing more than a billion emoji in 16 different languages.

It’s not for everyone but it’s a fun feature for me and my emoji-using friends, which again is the point of this post. I welcome any and all plugs for your favourite Android keyboard below. But if you’re going to call it the “best”, be prepared to suffer the consequences.

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