Some Good, Great and Bad News for OnePlus in Canada (and Worldwide)

OnePlus Canada Flag

My favourite Android smartphone of 2014 is holding up quite well. And it’s about to get even better, as the official Lollipop-based Cyanogen OS 12 is finally, finally starting to roll out to users around the world. I myself would be content to stick with Android 4.4 and SlimKat, but since SlimLP for the OnePlus One will likely draw from Cyanogen 12S anyway, I’ll probably flash the latter in the meantime to tide me over.

There will be no OTA for me; I’ll have to wait for Cyanogen to post a factory image and flash that. But this is undeniably good news for OPO users. And the news is even better for those users living in Canada.

As of last Friday OnePlus is again shipping here, this time with no extra duties or fees. Why am I only telling you about this today? Because today is no-invite Tuesday, that’s why! If you’re not ready to make your purchase today OnePlus will send you an invite in exchange for your feedback on the new Canada-specific logistics.

And now the bad news…

Here’s how the new pricing breaks down for an inbound 64GB OnePlus One:

$439.99 – OnePlus One
$61.93 – Taxes
$36.39 – Shipping

$538.31 – Total

This is, of course, almost entirely due to our depressed Canadian dollar. But it’s still a lot more than the paid total of $479.06 CAD for my first shipment last summer, making the OnePlus One a lot less of a deal than it used to be.

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