OxygenOS for the OnePlus One

Oxygen OS by OnePlus

If you’ve ever had the pleasure of using a custom Android ROM then you’ll know this statement to be true: ROMs made by Android OEMs largely suck.

OnePlus avoided this fate by shipping their “flagship killer” with one of the slickest third-party ROMs out there (CyanogenMod), tweaked even further (Cyanogen OS) to support 4K video and various gestures to wake the device from sleep. The OnePlus One, already an attractive device, was made pretty much irresistible with Cyanogen running it.

And then, the relationship between Cyanogen, Inc. and OnePlus went very quickly and publicly south.

Cyanogen has promised to release at least one Lollipop-based ROM specifically for the OnePlus One; in the meantime, OnePlus has released their own 5.0 ROM called OxygenOS—in other words, another OEM Android ROM. 🙄

Video Tour

Here’s MKBHD with a quick highlight reel of OxygenOS:

Known Issues

If you decide to run Oxygen on your OPO you may experience any/all of the following:

  • Red LED is always on (Disable USB debugging in developer settings)
  • Unable to activate hotspot
  • Cannot set alarm
  • Carrier showing as ‘No Service’
  • Instances where unable to access mobile data
  • Instances of ghost touches
  • Instances where unable to access internal storage
  • When printing images, printer service may stop
  • Song information not available via Bluetooth
  • Cannot hang up a call using headphone controls (intermittent)
  • OTG can only recognize FAT32 file system
  • During system update, display of WiFi/data notification may be incorrect
  • During system update, display of version number may be incorrect
  • Data corruption when upgrading from encrypted CM11S
  • Files sometimes crash when uploading files to the cloud
  • Files may crash when renaming image files
  • Files do not support multi-select deletes
  • Instances of ghost swipes on keyboard
  • SmartLock doesn’t seem to work with locations, Bluetooth works
  • No reception displayed on lockscreen
  • No EAP-SIM support
  • Instances of shorter battery life
  • System update service bug (Fix by downloading this and enabling the service in Google Play Services)

List courtesy of the Oxygen OS megathread on r/OnePlus, culled from user feedback on the official OnePlus forums.

Why It’s Not For Me

As OEM ROMs go Oxygen doesn’t seem especially terrible, but for me it’s a non-starter for the simple reason that there’s no Privacy Guard on-board. Oxygen would be a good base for a user to add Xposed Modules, but I prefer to have my favourite tweaks running at boot.

And again, if eye candy is the most compelling reason to upgrade to Android 5 then I’ll gladly stick with 4.4 for now.

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