Setting up a Pebble (for Android)

On this, the dawn of my second full day with the 1st-generation Pebble, I’ve pretty much decided that Android Wear, if you’ll pardon the pun, has been a colossal waste of my time. We’re still in the honeymoon phase here, to be sure, but remember, I haven’t worn a watch in twenty years—and yet so far I’m really liking this thing!

Today I’ll walk you through the process of getting started with the companion app for your Android smartphone. The iOS equivalent, as far as I know, has the exact same functionality.

Pebble App - Start

I wasn’t expecting to have to hand over an email address straightaway. The good news is that once you’ve set up a user account you’re also registered on the official forums.

Pebble App - Permissions

Here are the permissions required by the app. To get notifications on your wrist there’s really no way around these, so off goes Privacy Guard.

Pebble App - Paring

Next step is to pair Pebble and phone…

Pebble App - Update

… And after that, get your Pebble’s firmware up to date. I can only wonder how long this watch had been languishing on the shelf of my local Best Buy.

Pebble App - Enable Notifications

One final step: allow your phone to send notifications to the watch.

Pebble App - Locker

So here’s something that I wasn’t expecting: due to memory constraints you can only have a maximum of eight apps (including watchfaces) running on your Pebble at any given time. To help you deal with this, Pebble has an app locker where you can offload stuff, presumably keeping any settings intact.

Pebble App - Watchfaces

And now, the watchfaces. There is literally a metric shit-ton of them—some gorgeous, some useless, some NSFW and some unabashedly geeky. Here’s mine:

Pebble - Apple Watchface


I think what’s most appealing about Pebble for me so far is that it reminds me a lot of Palm OS back in its glory days. Maybe not so slick but definitely useful. And, surprisingly, a lot of fun to mess around with!

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