The Coming Nuclear Winter for Wireless Plans in Canada

Nuclear Winter in Canada

If you live in Canada and aren’t happy with either your mobile service or what you’re paying for it, my advice is this: Get yourself on Koodo’s $55/5GB SK/MB plan as per ijcy’s instructions before it’s too late.

The likes of Mobile Syrup would have you believe that the coming changes to Koodo (and also Fido) amount to a re-branding for millennials, but forum members know better—the real news here is that loyalty programs and perks are going away.

If reports (from multiple sources) turn out to be true, then subscribers to the Fido network will soon see their Fido Dollars disappear. The 4% pre-tax credit on a customer’s monthly bill could be used towards a new device or applied as a discount to an add-on. It was a good differentiator for what was otherwise essentially wireless service from Rogers.

The changes coming to Koodo are two-fold. First, the Koodo Tab, a surprisingly reasonable alternative to the traditional (and egregious) penalties of early contract cancellation, will soon be off the table. Even worse, the 10% BYOD discount will likewise be no more. As someone who refuses, on principle, to lock themselves in to any one carrier via a subsidy, that 10% makes Koodo’s $55 plan an even better $49.50/month. To get something similar from parent company TELUS would cost at least twice as much.

Some are hopeful that the forthcoming plans from Fido and Koodo will actually be better than what’s currently on offer. Riiight… If you don’t believe me, believe what Peter Nowak tweeted yesterday:


How much has the Canadian government lowered wireless prices? This much.

— Peter Nowak (@peternowak) March 25, 2015

If following Canada’s Big Three carriers has taught me anything, it’s that they never, ever pass on an opportunity to jack up their prices.

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