Well, this is unexpected…

I suppose an explanation is in order.

I spent last weekend in Ottawa at a conference, where my growing frustrations with Android came to a head. I brought two different handsets with me, but neither on its own could pass muster…

  • The physical keyboard on my Moto Spice was great to type on, but even with Motorola’s crap stripped out the overall speed of the device was severely lacking.
  • My Nexus S had all the power you could ask for, but entering significant amounts of text on a software keyboard was just too cumbersome.
  • Battery life on both was ass.

That third point is especially important. All the mobile computing power in the world doesn’t amount to much when you can’t go a full day without recharging.

I didn’t even know that Mobilicity was offering a version of T-Mobile’s E73 Mode until I visited a store near the conference. At a hundred and fifty bucks I can’t exactly call it an impulse purchase, but this latest iteration in Nokia’s Eseries line is a lot cheaper than previous models.

I’ve already made my case here about the dangers of Facebook, but in terms of privacy it’s hard to argue that Google is any better. This excellent video posted on Ghabuntu.com will attest to that.

So what to do… BlackBerry would seem like the obvious choice, and one that’s not entirely off the table. But the fact that my personal data flows through RIM’s servers and might be monitored by whomever is unsettling.

My email on this E73 will likely be monitored as well, since it uses Nokia Messaging. But at least I know my way around S60, antiquated and ghetto as it is. Plus the keyboard for me is better than any BlackBerry I’ve tried.

So consider this an experiment. I’m well aware of what I’m giving up with Android (and I know, it’s a lot). Stay tuned to see how a PIM-based smartphone from yesteryear holds up to a modern-day Internet slab!


  1. AC, why not go back to the one handheld that rules them all? The Nokia N900. Has all that you want and open and free as you can ever hope for.

    Solution’s right under your nose man…literally 😀

  2. i got lucky on an auction and snagged an E72 for about 150, and I use it for work. Love the thing, it’s definitely a workhorse, although I’m not so sure about the latest Messaging update

  3. If I knew I could find the N950 out there in the wild blue yonder I’d dump Android and my G2/Nexus S in a heartbeat. Sadly since it’s not actually being released as a consumer device and only as a developers phone I don’t think the chances are good. I might try the N9 when it comes to this side of the pond. I’m dying for freedom in elegant hardware and MeeGo seems like the most likely candidate.

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