Android App Review: SXSW Go.

Consider this an addendum to my last post.

So the good folks at 1000heads have invited me to South by Southwest, the annual mother of all music, film and interactive festivals/conferences in Austin, Texas. For Nokia smartphones, there is no “app for that”, but as an Android user I’m in luck.

Here then, is a quick look at SXSW Go. You can find it on AppBrain here and the official Android Market listing here.

The splash screen. Hey, I’m a blogger…

This is the app’s main interface. If you’ve a login for you can plan your days and sync them to your Android device, or vice versa.

More on the film premiere that I’ll be attending here.

You can find the venue for a specific event by tapping on it, or get an overview of all venues on the “places” tab. Unfortunately MapQuest is the geolocation service of choice rather than Google Maps, so sharing options beyond the app are severely limited — at least for Android devices.

Apparently SXSW has a trade show too. I had no idea… Good thing there’s an A-Z list of exhibitors, with contact info and show floor location just another tap away.

The Social tab. Registered attendees can take advantage of SXSocial. I can’t say much about it as I myself am not yet registered.

And here’s my personal schedule. As you can see, I’ve much work to do!


Apart from the ill-informed choice to use MapQuest, SXSW Go looks like a very handy resource to have in-hand. I’ll obviously have more to say after using it on the ground, but if you’re headed to South by Southwest and are bringing a compatible handset I’d say it’s definitely worth a download in advance.


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  2. there was a similar app for the RSA conference. I wonder if some company just belts these out. would be easy enough to do. then again, I think that one was Blackberry and iPhone only, so maybe not.

    have fun in my home state! eat at Texadelphia and have some Amy’s ice cream.

  3. AC:
    I’ve heard that TIFF (Toronto International Film Festival) had an app for their 2010 fest, but I haven’t seen it to see if it’s as functional as SXSW’s. I might see more films there if I could plan it all out on my phone.

    Just downloaded and installed the Shopper’s Drug Mart app (Shopper’s the big Canadian drug chain, for you non-Canucks). Store locations and hours, plus the flyer–everything you need when you’re not at home or near one of the few remaining phone booths (an ancient device with a phone and a directory printed on real paper).

    I wonder if we’re at the start of an era where the app starts to replace the webpage?

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