A phone number for the 21st century.

This past Monday I brought my phone number of some sixteen years into the 21st century with me. Two things made this possible…

1. Voip.ms

If you’re a Vonage customer you’re being ripped off. It’s as simple as that. Voip.ms charges a mere half-cent per minute for outgoing calls (in Canada), and as little as 1Β’/minute for incoming calls to a DID number. Flat rate plans run about five bucks a month.

That’s right, about five bucks.

You do have to pay a one-time $25 USD porting charge, but once your number has been ported in you’re good to go. And unlike anyone else I’ve ever dealt with, Voip.ms gives you a hard date for the port with status updates before and after.

What really sets Voip.ms apart from any other POTS line I’ve ever used is the message handling. Every single voicemail can be immediately dispatched to the email address of my choice as an attached .wav file.

Your move, telemarketers…

2. CSipSimple

In theory I could use any softphone with my Voip.ms service — like Ekiga for the Linux desktop, for example. But CSipSimple for Android is what I use. Call quality easily trumps Sipdroid, though both enjoy the distinct advantage of being able to run on an actual phone.

CSipSimple can make voice calls over WiFi, 3G or even EDGE — though I can’t imagine things being very clear over a 60 kilobits/second connection. Still, if you’re abroad (or at home)Β and using a data-only SIM you no longer need a voice plan to make voice calls.

Your move, mobile carriers… And landline providers…



  1. Sounds like someone just discovered VOIP. Welcome!

    Now, let me know how you like paying through the nose for those data rates on your phone. $50/month for 5GB of data/month and $10/month for unlimited messaging on Sprint, and they have the cheapest rates. I don’t know about you, but those are some expensive bits.

    If I was paying those sort of rates for my data connection at home ($10/GB), I would be paying $2,500/month for Internet.

    Your move, rich man. πŸ™‚

  2. Hi Andrew,

    Thought you might like the recent discussion on reddit below:

    You probably don’t need a phone other than for emergencies.
    Since I can’t properly use google voice (Canada), I went with the next best thing. I picked up a Galaxy S and a pay as you go plan. I pay $10 for 125 texts and about 20 minutes of talk time. To augment this, I have a sip number from voip.ms which is the number I get people to call.
    If I’m not connected to the voip service through wifi at work/school/home, it automatically routes to the pay as you go number.
    All in, I’m paying about $13 a month for all of my phone needs, and can skip months if I don’t think I need the voice/text anywhere.

    I personally like the convenience of Gmail’s “Call Phone” function.

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