Mobilicity’s Mobiflip, part three: The software.

Having previously examined the design and camera of Mobilicity’s Mobiflip, today we wrap up with a look at what’s on the 854×480 pixel screen.

Being the ghetto messaging phone that it is there was no way to get proper screen grabs off of my Mobiflip; these will have to do…

So um, here’s the dialer… Does anyone actually make voice calls anymore?

The text app features collapsible folders in the top half of the screen and a message preview pane at the bottom, just like Outlook (not really).

The IM app supports Google Chat and other XMPP services at the very least, and if it’s anything like my old hiptop probably a lot more. (My Mobilicity SIM card is in another handset at the moment, sorry…)

And here’s what you really want to see, yes? Danger’s craptastic web browser of old replaced by the awesome Opera Mini?

Fortunately there are no surprises here… Opera Mini renders pages just as quick as on any other phone OS. Bookmark sync and all the other expected features are also present and accounted for.

Here’s where I really started to miss the companion desktop login provided by Danger, where all my PIM info would be synced auto-magically over the air.

Given the decidedly unimpressive results from the Mobiflip’s onboard camera, the choice of icons here is particularly hilarious.

Another instance where the Mobiflip is revealed to be but a shadow of its former self… All those empty slots but nowhere to buy and download games. Sigh.

Waitaminnit, is this a new installment in the continuing adventures of Bob the bouncing ball?

I can’t really justify $100 CAD for a new Bob game, no matter how much I’d like to…


If you find yourself wondering who on earth would buy such an underpowered and oldskool device, Mobilicity’s press release has your answer:

Similar to the T-Mobile Sidekick LX, the Mobiflip is ideal for teens, tweens and the increasing number of talk-and-text users.

No argument here… Though lacking the killer feature of Danger’s backend, Mobilicity’s Mobiflip is still a fine choice for children of all ages — unless, that is, their parents have more money than sense.


  1. inclusion of Opera Mini is pretty awesome. I bet that comes across really nice for people upgrading from a feature phone. heck, I’m writing this on Opera mobile on an N900. like a hiptop on steroids 😉

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