Mobilicity’s Mobiflip, part two: the camera.

TL;DR the camera sucks. Don’t believe me? See for yourself…

Though eons ahead of the 640×480 pixel sensor on my old Fido hiptop, the 3.2 megapixel camera on Mobilicity’s Mobiflip is nothing to write home about.

Autofocus, you say? Hmm, not feeling it…

At least it shoots video, albeit at a fairly laughable maximum resolution of 320×240-pixel “HQ”. There are at least a couple of built-in effects modes to make things interesting:

Black & white.

Sepia, aka the “other” black and white.

Inverted, presumably for your oldskool homebrew hip-hop videos?

The examples above have been converted to Flash Video but you can download the originals from Oa’s new Vimeo account — and they aren’t any better, trust me.

Still, what were you expecting for a hundred bucks?

In part three we’ll be looking at the Mobiflip’s onboard applications…


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