Mobilicity’s Motorola Spice – what’s on the small screen.

As promised in my previous post, today I’ll be showing you some screen grabs from Mobilicity’s Motorola XT300, aka “Spice”. Let’s roll…

The Spice offers up no less than 7 home screens, so many that I’m having trouble filling them all. You can see the navigation thingy on that second grab above — unless it’s a Japanese emoticon I’ve not seen before.

And in case you were wondering, the big circle at the bottom between the call and messaging icons is the button for the phone’s main menu.

Moving on to some other Spice-specific navigational aids, the bullseye you see in the first pic above is provided with Motorola’s BACKTRACK. My buddy Mitch provided a good use case for BACKTRACK (does this really have to be in caps?) in a comment he left the other day — I can see its value now.

Even better is the pop-up text editing cursor shown in the second pic. With the slider up and qwerty keypad enabled the Spice auto-suggests words as you type them but not auto-correct afterwards. However, if you hold a finger on the screen over a specific word you want to edit you’ll be able to do¬†exactly¬†that.

And now, what you’ve all been waiting for… MOTOBLUR!

First up is the Facebook ferris wheel of banality, or what Moto calls “Flashback”. Designed no doubt to be a rich interactive experience allowing the user to easily navigate through their history of friend updates, messages, calls, etc. — in practice it’s more… what do the kids say these days… gheytarded?

There are two other Flashback “themes” that are even worse than this one. Trust me.

Moto’s home screen widgets, on the other hand, are quite handy — perfect, in fact, for the Spice’s lo-res 240×320 pixel screen.

But none of these screens show the Spice’s most impressive feat of all: Despite having half the horsepower of my Nexus One the Spice handles Android (albeit the older “Eclair” version) quite well. There are some slow screen redraws here and there but it’s a testament to Android that it scales so well.


  1. I have to say this little phone definitely packs a mean punch. But there are some issues i have come across like it not coming with a USB cable witch would of bin nice but (I just used the one from the Nextus One). Also the fact that the it only came with only one charger (Not saying i dont like the free Bluetooth but a extra charger would of bin nice). And the start up lag can be just annoying. But over all vary impassive little phone and you cant beat the price thats for sure thanks for your reviews big help keep it up.

  2. I bought the phone on Dec. 20th and I’m on the fence about liking it or hating it.
    The number of apps available (compared to my trusty and loved Windows Mobile 5/6/6.1) is ok. Compared to WinMo 6.5 the number is staggering.

    The one and ONLY way I’ve found to stop the frequent freezing it to turn off – and never ever turn on – the WiFi. That’s fine for me, as I have “unlimited” data (I love you Mobilicity).

    Compared to my Mobilicity Snap this thing has a much more solid connection to the network (and after I did *#*#4363#*#* and switched it to WCDMA only mode no disconnects) from Mobilicity.

    I’m not sure I like it yet, but, it’s tolerable – except the cheap ass battery. I can drain it in 3 or 4 hours of ‘hard core’ use (downloading apps, reading news, surfing Opera). I left it on my desk with 30% battery at 1am, and by 9am it was dead – totally dead… and I hadn’t touched it in 9 hours! It redeems itself with lightening fast 3 hour full charge, but argh!

    Ok I’m done, more later I think

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