Android screen grabs – no rooting required.

Eventually I’ll root my Nexus One, just not today.

I originally pooh-poohed the idea of grabbing screens from my N1 via a USB-connected computer, but the only rooting solution that I’ve tried so far didn’t work out. So this morning I Googled up some n00b-friendly instructions for screen capture using the Android SDK on a desktop installation of Ubuntu Linux.

Despite this particular guide being a bit out of date (the reference to 9.10 Karmic was my first clue) everything still worked as advertised, until it was time to plug in my phone and actually grab a screen:

This is where the awesome members of the Android group on came to the rescue — within a few minutes I had enough information to find the missing piece of the puzzle. One additional tip: Make sure your device is set to stay awake while connected!

Update: If you need them, some additional Vendor IDs can be found here.

As a humble thank-you to everyone who helped me out this morning, please accept in return the best live wallpaper for Android devices EVAR.  And if you’ve any technical questions about this setup I’ll try to answer them as best I can — though I barely know I’m doing myself. 😉

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