Art imitates life in PhoneShop.

I caught wind of an interesting new Britcom called PhoneShop, and thanks to the magic of BitTorrent was able to watch the entire first series this week.

Though more about high street sales culture than the mobile phone industry specifically, each episode of PhoneShop is good for a jab or two at prepaid customers — i.e., the ones who don’t sign on for multi-year contracts. For example, one random moment has a sales associate in the fictitious retailer literally telling a pay-as-you-go customer to “fuck off” because they have potential contract signees to attend to.

It instantly made me think of upstart Canadian carriers Mobilicity & WIND, and how truly disruptive their “no contracts, ever” policies are to the incumbent carriers here. For this alone they really do deserve your business, and as of next week they’re both getting mine.

If you live in the UK you can watch PhoneShop on demand right in your web browser. For everyone else here’s how I got to see it. As far as I know there is no available DVD for purchase — but that’s no great loss as we all know that DVD-Video is a dead medium, anyway…


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